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Project: Deepwater Fire Station
Deepwater Fire Station
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Project Name: Deepwater Fire Station
Location: Deepwater, MO
Owner: City of Deepwater
Architect: Sherman Engineers
Completion Date: August, 2004
Estimated Value: $200,000

Project: Lacoba Homes
Lacoba Homes
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Project Name: Lacoba Homes
Location: Monett, MO
Owner: Lacoba Home, Inc.
Architect: Larry Nelson
Completion Date: September, 2004
Estimated Value: $508,000

Project: Greenfield Medical Center
Greenfield Medical Center
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Project Name: Greenfield Medical Center
Location: Greenfield, MO
Owner: Greenfield Medical Center, LLC
Architect: Larry Nelson
Completion Date: October, 2004
Estimated Value: $280,000

Project: Bolivar Airport T-Hanger
Bolivar Airport T-Hanger
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Project Name: Bolivar Airport T-Hanger
Location: Bolivar, MO
Owner: City of Bolivar
Architect: City of Bolivar
Completion Date: December, 2004
Estimated Value: $265,000